About us

Where We Started

Two years ago, after reading and being inspired by “Life and Teaching of the Masters of the Far East” we traveled to Tibet - a uniquely spiritual place of Buddhism. They number an estimate of 7.8 millions and most Tibetans practice Tibetan Buddhism. We met some of the respectful monks, who can spoke English. They showed us a lot about Buddhism, art, drama, and the architectural style, natural construction materials and statues of the temples.

Day by day, we get involved with Buddhism and start to study about Buddha. We are enchanted by Tibetan's life style, culture and fall in love with Tibetan's handmade products.

Finally, found out that we can support Tibetan artists by selling their beads, necklaces, bracelets, paintings. Suddenly, a craziest idea that came into our mind. Me and my friends decided to left our jobs and open a store provide their products for the customers all around the world.

Company Overview:

  • Name: Lotus Prayer
  • Founded in 2016 by Daichi Hashimoto
  • Started in Tibet, China and currently in Tokyo, Japan.

Our Achievement:

  • Reached more than 3,000,000 of the world’s Buddhists through social networks.
  • Connecting Tibetan artists and buddhists all around the world. Bringing their products to more than 35 contries in the world included United States of America, United Kingdom, Philippines, Malaysia, Mexico, Singapore, Brazil...
  • Supporting more than 100 Tibetan artists.
  • Placing more than 10,000 orders every month.

Our Vission/Mission:

  • With as many as 500 million followers, Buddhism is the top 4th largest religion in the world but recently , the percentage followers is decreased very fast each years due to the young people. They are not show much interested with religion like the older generation. By providing products as well as knowledge about Buddhism we want to help this religion become popular like it used to be and even more.
  • To help Tibetan artists and bring customers closer to Tibetan Buddhism. Now you don’t have to travel all the way to Tibet to get their handmade products.
  • Bringing the hidden gems to the world, to show how wonderful the Tibetan's products are.
  • Making Buddhism more visually to your daily life with our special products.

To Make This Happen:

  • Continuously improve about our products quality and branding.
  • Providing better customer services.
  • Updating more products to satify customer’s needs

Daichi Hashimoto -

* Notes: From January 2018, The LotusPrayer.net is the property of FireApps Technology JSC.