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Lotus Prayer

Retro Tibetan Buddhist Mantra Amulet Bracelet

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Metal Color


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Delicatedly made from zirconium, Japanese precious stones and copper alloys, this Tibetan Buddhist mantra bracelet not only delivers the retro vibe but also the edgy touch to your style.

Should you know? Zirconium is the coolest metal you’ve probably never heard about. Prayer beads made from this metal are ideal to bring you the energy and serenity needed during your yoga and meditation sessions. 

  • Item type: bracelet
  • Material: zirconium, stones, copper alloys
  • Size: 17-19cm/ 6.5-7.5inch
  • Gender: unisex

It will also be the perfect bracelet for your daily outings and will bring the touch of precious style to your outfits!


Bui Cong Dang